Maximum operativeness

despite the health alert

Following the messages received in these days from our employees and customers from all over the world, we thought it appropriate to write these few lines to reassure you. Our company is maintaining its usual levels of productivity and operations are at their peak even in the current context.

People's health comes first for us. By fully implementing the indications given by the authorities, we have taken all the necessary precautionary measures to protect our staff and all those involved in our work. At the same time, we continue to work to provide our customers with all our services.

We are paying particular attention to maintaining our normal standards of assistance while respecting national and international prevention measures. We are ready to study appropriate solutions whenever necessary to guarantee that the demands of our clients receive prompt answers.

We are also available for videoconference meetings with customers, suppliers and companies interested in learning more about our solutions. Our priority is to guarantee everyone our full support with the flexibility and reliability that have always distinguished our company and we are satisfied with the results even in this situation.

While constantly monitoring the evolution of the situation, we continue to do our best work with the prospect that this situation will soon be left behind.


For any information or request we are as always at your disposal.