For the production of moulded shortbreads, pie bottom-crusts and grids

Designed to satisfy the high production needs of artisanal biscuit factories, it proves to be an extremely sturdy and reliable machine. The interchangeable moulding rollers allow for the realization of shapes based on the requested product.

  • 400-450-500 mm
  • Tray width
  • 350
  • kg/h*
  • 8
  • Trays/min*

Stainless steel and aluminium structure.

Bronze moulding rollers with customizable and easy to replace non-stick plastic inserts.

Posterior loading for baking trays with inclined edges.

  • Belt-centring device
  • Automatic feeding of baking trays
  • Speed variator (indicatively from 3 to 8 trays/min.)

2900 x 1130 x H 1430 mm


670 kg

Power supply

400 V - 50/60 Hz - 3ph